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- On-Site Repair

- Local Pickup & Delivery

- After-Hours Support

- Diagnostics

- Malicious Software Removal


- Scheduled Cleaning

- Scheduled Maintenance

- Preventative Scans

- Cable Management


- Processor

- Hard Drive

- Fan/Cooling

- Memory

- Cables

- Accessories






Parts, Service and Repair


Other Services


Hardware Installation:


New PC Setups for Home or Office


We take the hassle out of upgrading your outdated or under-performing computers and networks.  Let us setup your newly purchased computer or we can explain strategies and options for purchasing new equipment when the time to upgrade comes.


 All new PC and workstation setups include:


- Computer Setup

- Network Configuration

- Initial Operating System Setup with Updates and Security Management

- Driver Installation

- Data Backups and/or Transfers

- Email Account Setup

- Social Network Integration

- Printer / Network Printer Configuration

- Software Installation (3 Applications)

- Cable Management


     *Further specialized training is available for using your new computer and software applications.












We perform all levels of custom home and office network installations.  Networks are installed to meet your stringent specifications or we can implement a solution for your particular situation.  Post-configuration performance is tested to ensure that your network is properly optimized and that all necessary security measures are enabled.


- Wireless Router, Modem and Switch Installation

- Daisy-Chain Network Configuration

- Hardware Configuration

- VPN Configuration

- Network Security

- Network Troubleshooting







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