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Terms of Service

Registration with The WebSet, Media Services Co., TheWebSet.net, TheWebSet, et al., and the use of its tools and services is subject to unconditional acceptance of the following Terms of Service.




The following terms of use (hereafter referred to as the "Terms of Service") set out the terms and conditions under which TheWebSet (refer to legal notes) provides its personal web page creation and hosting services.


TheWebSet is not responsible for the content of the websites created using the tools provided on TheWebSet.net website.


Legal notes


TheWebSet.net is published by:


TheWebSet, Media Services Co.

P.O. Box 3074

Lebanon, TN  37088

(877) 571-1830


Acceptance of the Terms of Service


By visiting the website TheWebSet.net, you agree to abide by TheWebSet.net Terms of Service as set out herein. As these terms may be modified at any time, you are strongly advised to regularly check the Terms of Service (a copy of which is available at all times on the TheWebSet.net site) for any changes. All visitors to TheWebSet.net are defined as its "Users" for the purposes of these Terms of Service, and as such are subject to them.


Our services are offered only to those persons legally able to personally engage in a contractual relationship under United States law. Our services are not to be used by persons under the age of 18, without the consent and supervision of their parents or legal guardians.


Website creation and content


TheWebSet.net provides its Users with storage capacity for them to stock online content such as text and images. Any such stored content must not:


Breach United States Federal or State law. Prohibited content includes (but is not limited to) information relating to hacking, software piracy, warez and illegal downloading, materials susceptible to incite racism, sexism, homophobia, criminal activity, child pornography, etc.


Be false, imprecise, fabricated or fraudulent.


Breach copyright (whether of a work's authors or any other copyright holders, and including but not limited to trademarks, design or manufacturing secrets, intellectual property) or individuals' rights to privacy.


Be defamatory, slanderous, libelous or discriminatory, or incite violence or racial, religious or ethnic hatred.


Include any form of obscene, pornographic or pedophilic content (including but not limited to images and text).


Contain computer code, of any kind, designed to damage or surreptitiously intercept any automated system or information of any nature.


Offer the possibility for web visitors to win or earn money with any form of "get rich quick" schemes (including, but not limited to, pyramid schemes, sponsoring, e-book kits etc.).


Be created with the sole purpose of advertising external websites (including but not limited to the promotion of third-party websites via "linkspamming" techniques designed to artificially manipulate the search engine ranking of third-party website).


Artificially increase website traffic (autosurf etc.).




Each User (as identified by their sign-on credentials and who, by creating their account, have explicitly agreed to adhere to these Terms of Use) is legally responsible for all content stored on their account or displayed on their site. For the purposes of these Terms of Service, the term "Content" refers to all texts, images and any other media present on the pages of the User's website or stored by the User in their TheWebSet.net storage space, excepting those elements comprising the visual templates TheWebSet.net provides for its Users. Users are responsible for all comments which visitors may leave on their website, and agree to verify their websites regularly to ensure the removal of any Content or commentary susceptible to breach the present Terms of Service.


In the event of a breach of the Terms of Service by a User, TheWebSet.net reserves the right to delete the User's account, including all the User's content stored on its servers, immediately and without informing the User.


User obligations


Users agree to provide factual information during the creation of their TheWebSet.net account. If any such information is changed at any time during the course of their use of TheWebSet.net's services, Users will inform TheWebSet.net immediately.


Users agree that the content of their websites and any content (including but not limited to commentary or other written content) posted to the User forum or anywhere throughout the website TheWebSet.net is not in breach of any relevant laws. Users are reminded that they are entirely responsible for all content appearing on their website and that TheWebSet.net, et al., bears no legal responsibility for a User's content.


Users agree to ensure that no content appearing on their website, or stored in their User storage space, is in breach of relevant copyright legislation.


Users authorize TheWebSet.net to promote their website in any way and by any means it chooses (including but not limited to the reuse of all or part of a website, or elements of it, and links from and to it). TheWebSet.net is not legally responsible for any prejudice resulting from its promotion of Users' websites.


Users guarantee that all information stored on their website or in their user storage space is either free of copyright restrictions, or that they in possession of the necessary copyright authorizations.


Users agree not to use the tools TheWebSet.net provides for any purpose (including, but not limited to, data storage) other than the creation and publication of personal or commercial websites.


Users agree not to include any links to, or addresses of, any external website that is in breach of the relevant legislation, copyright, or these Terms of Service.


Users are responsible for their own account management and for the timely payment of all outstanding balances owed.  Any unpaid balance, for any service,  may result in the suspension of all user services provided by TheWebSet, Media Services Co., until such time any and all past due account balances are resolved.


TheWebSet.net's responsibilities


TheWebSet.net cannot be held responsible for the content of its Users' websites. Users agree and acknowledge that they are solely responsible for all information and content (including, but not limited to, files, text, images, software and program code) contained on their website or in their User storage space.


Users agree to take full responsibility, and to indemnify TheWebSet.net, et al., from any responsibility, for any loss, damage, claim, dispute or expense (including, but not limited to, legal fees) claimed by any third party or other TheWebSet.net User as a result of the content, or use, of their User website.


TheWebSet.net undertakes to act reasonably and within its means to provide the services outlined in these Terms of Service. It cannot, however, be held responsible for any loss, prejudice or damage (whether direct or indirect) incurred by a User as a direct or indirect result of the management, use, exploitation, interruption or malfunction of its services.


TheWebSet.net cannot be held responsible for the content of, or access to, any external site. TheWebSet.net does not verify, nor can it held accountable for, the content of, ideas or opinions expressed on, or goods or services sold by any external website.


Users are wholly responsible for any and all references, addresses or links to any external website they may include on their User website and indemnify TheWebSet.net from any dispute or claim that may arise as a result of the inclusion of any such reference.


TheWebSet.net provides no guarantee as to the integrity or safeguard against loss of any data Users may store in connection with its services (including, but not limited to, the content of a User's website).


Users are entirely responsible for the content they transfer and for any safeguards against data loss they see fit to enact.


TheWebSet.net reserves the right to incorporate banner or pop-up advertising in Users' websites for any third party. TheWebSet.net undertakes measures to ensure that any such advertising respects the Terms of Services, and that no advertising appearing on Users' sites is for pornographic or adult services.


Users cannot, under any circumstances, request payment or compensation on the part of TheWebSet.net or advertising sponsors. TheWebSet.net reserves the right to delete, modify or move any banner or other form of advertizing appearing on Users pages without informing, or obtaining the consent of, Users.


TheWebSet.net cannot be held responsible for any service interruption.


TheWebSet.net cannot guarantee any minimum level of visitation of User's sites.


TheWebSet.net cannot guarantee any minimum level of income or profit by Users.


In particular, TheWebSet.net cannot be held responsible for:


- any malfunction, interruption or reduction in quality of the services it provides its Users,


- any contractual offer or obligation appearing on, or resulting from the use of, a User's website, or any dispute or outcome of any nature arising as a result of any such relationship,


- any latent or hidden defect, compliance, legality or danger arising from or associated with any goods or services mentioned or sold on a User's website,


- misrepresentations, exaggerations, fraud or violence committed by its Users.,


- any third-party taking all or any part of a User's website, or,


- any third-party hack attempts or successfully compromised websites including but not limited to defacement,

theft, misrepresentation or deletion of User's website



Web Development Agreements and Fulfillment


In an attempt to satisfy all development clients, projects are scheduled accordingly due to their size and scope.  An Agreement is generated for approval by the client (Users) when entering into a development project.  Remission of the Development Deposit is a signal on the clients (Users) behalf that the terms of the Agreement are acceptable and that the client (User) wishes to move forward with the outlined Development Project.  Once the Agreement is accepted, appropriate scheduling is made to complete your project in the agreed upon time frame.


Development estimates for work performed are not an obligation from the The WebSet to create the deliverables within the amount specified. Development estimates are an estimated amount of labor, costs and a time line of anticipated work. The final cost of the project may change due to, but not limited to, the Client producing deliverables in a format that is not web standard, unforeseen technical issues, additional training, or additional features or content added to the scope of the project which were not considered during the estimate’s creation.


The WebSet will warranty their workmanship for a period of 14 days after delivery of the completed project from fault related to programming, graphic design, and content flaws that were originally created by the developer. The WebSet will not warranty software, images, and content created by third party individuals that are used in the project but not created by the The WebSet.


Web development deposits are non-refundable.


In an effort to meet these deadlines and to maintain a steady work flow, it is important for the client(Users) to adhere to their Development Agreement by providing required content and materials in a timely manner.  In cases where the client (Users) meets unexpected adversity or changes in their schedules, every reasonable attempt is made by TheWebSet to accommodate the clients(Users) situation.  However, for the client (Users) to indefinitely suspend a project with no foreseeable completion date is outside the scope of the Development Agreement.


All development projects that extend beyond three(3) months of the original Development Agreement acceptance date without productive input from the client(Users) are considered by TheWebSet to be "abandoned development projects".


Payment for the remainder of the Development Agreement as agreed to by client(User), is due when their development project is considered to be "abandoned".  When client(User) is ready to resume project, a development rescheduling request can be made by sending an email to support@thewebset.net.  Once rescheduled, clients(Users) project development will continue as outlined in clients(Users) original Development Agreement.


User acknowledges and agrees that all unpaid balances owed are required to be paid in full before the launch of any newly developed website.




Last updated: August 13, 2015


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